[TEKKEN 8] Director Delves into Eddy’s Gameplay Highlights

Eddy Gordo

A skilled capoeira fighter who has devoted half his life to honing his skills so he can exact revenge on Kazuya Mishima for his father’s death.


The death of his master led him to desperation, and he abandoned everything to challenge Kazuya, but he was defeated. After narrowly escaping death, he encounters a certain individual and, in order to regain his pride, imposes rigorous training upon himself. With his master’s teachings close to his heart and an unbridled love for the freedom capoeira gave him, Eddy hones his moves to new levels of proficiency. And after much meditation during his days of training, he comes to the realization that his abilities should not be used for revenge, but to save as many people as he can.


Nimble Kicks and Versatile Moves: Unleashing the Dynamic Aggression of Capoeira

Up until “Tekken 7,” Eddy tended to lean towards a passive playstyle focused on winning. To address this we aimed for a more aggressive approach with a ‘new capoeira’, making significant changes from previous iterations. By incorporating moves like the disorienting ‘Bananeira’ (handstand) and the disruptive ‘Negativa’ (sitting stance) with powerful 50/50 options, along with the power-up feature ‘Mandinga’, players can actively be on the attack. The exhilarating techniques typical of dynamic capoeira bring a sense of excitement, allowing players to unleash various moves with just the kick button and maintain an unpredictable fighting style. Previously, Eddy-specific situations had to be learned in detail, but this time he was brought more in-line with other characters. ‘Bananeira’ now allows for reversals with Power Crushes or Heat Bursts, while ‘Negativa’ keeps opponents guessing with a crouching stance instead of a grounded one, offering a mid or low strike choice.”


Accessible Essence, Masterful Satisfaction: Eddy’s Battle Style Balances Beginner Enjoyment with Advanced Mastery

To make it more enjoyable for new players, we made it so that consecutive button presses allow one to effortlessly transition from Bananeira, to Negativa, and end with a Mandinga power-up in one combo. 6WK (forward both kicks) and 1LK (back down-left kick), added as easily understandable main moves, also offer opponents a 50/50 scenario. On the other hand, there is a technical aspect in terms of advanced players’ mastery of the game. With the addition of Mandinga, the strategic possibilities have expanded, including synergy with the Heat System, making it a character with rewarding depth.


Blending Past and Present: Fashion Evolution with a Modern Twist

Eddy’s costumes in past works were either based on casual wear or adapted from capoeira clothes. Initially, we considered focusing on one of these for the new game but leaning towards either side seemed to lack freshness. Thus, we merged elements of capoeira clothes with a style closer to everyday wear, resulting in a distinct departure from the past. Balancing these two elements was challenging, but we aimed for designs that highlighted capoeira’s movements while incorporating aesthetic appeal. Additionally, since Eddy hadn’t changed his hairstyle for years, the design team expressed a desire for a change. After considering current trends, we settled on a combination of a dreadlock style with a shaved design and beard, adding a modern touch to his appearance.


An Emphasis on Precision: Explore the Refined and Varied Motions That Exceed Expectations

To ensure that Eddy’s animations in TEKKEN 8 truly embody the spirit of capoeira, animators went the extra mile by learning capoeira themselves. Furthermore, they collaborated with motion actor Mr. ‘Guerreiro’ Sasamori (who, inspired by Eddy, started learning capoeira and now holds qualifications as an instructor) to ensure that while the animations maintain the flashy style typical of games, they stay true to the essence of capoeira. Mr Sasamori also reviewed and revised all the move names for accuracy.


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